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Map of Maui and Drive Times

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A map of Maui is probably the first item you should invest in before planning your Hawaiian Island vacation. A current and detailed map will allow you to accurately plan outings and the best routes and tours to create the vacation schedule that will allow you to experience the whole island without unnecessary backtracking.

See Multimap http://www.multimap.comhttp://www.multimap.comA lot of visitors have found themselves disappointed and unimpressed with the cheap, last minute vacation packages that so many of us succumb to. This is because so many do not put enough thought into the appropriateness of their destinations. A map of Maui will lay the foundation for you to do some research in advance to ensure you get the most of your Hawaiian holiday. With a number of sites, historical landmarks, award winning beaches and once in a life time adventures you cannot afford to miss out!

Obtaining a recently published travel guide with a detailed map will lead you on the way and prepare you for The Iao Needle, The Seven Sacred Pools and the offshore Molokini crater. To save time and frustration try and also get hold of a map showing transportation links this includes ferry routes, major highways and popular off road hikes and trails.

Here are a few drive times to help you better plan your vacation:

Lahaina to Makena 50 minutes
Lahaina to Kahului 30 minutes
Lahaina to Kihei 50 minutes
Kaanapali to Wailuku 50 minutes
Wailea to Napili 75 minutes

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If you still find yourself lost and not sure of where to go or you find yourself without a map you can simply ask one of the friendly passer bys. The majority of the population is quite fluent in English and there should be no problem in getting accurate directions that will put you back on you way. Hotel receptions will also be able to provide a map or give you the specific directions you are looking for.

Whenever purchasing a map or Travel Guide, be sure to check the date of publication ideally you do not want anything less than a year old, this is particularly important when it comes to reviews of hotels and places to stay. Check the quality of the book itself making sure all names and points are easily readable.