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Map of Molokai

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Please find below a map of Molokai that highlights some of the Isles' more recognized destinations. The relevant pages for a desired destination can be accessed from the left hand menu.

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Being one of the smaller Hawaiian islands, 38 miles long and 10miles at its widest point, you better believe that traveling around Molokai is relatively simple and getting lost is not usually an option.

Road and Travel Guide

What makes getting round the island so easy is the highway that runs right across the island, from east to west, which has several off ramps branching off that lead on to roads which lead to very specific destinations.

What confuses most drivers and visitors is that that this arterial highway has two numbers, 450 and 460. The stretch from Kaunakakai to Halawa is the 450 and is quite a windy route along a rugged shoreline (Kamehameha V Highway), and the section from Kaunakakai, via the airport to Maunaloa is the 460 (Maunaloa Highway.) You will notice that all the roads are littered with green coloured mile markers these are used as reference points when getting from point A to point B. For example if you were trying to get to the famed Kaluakoi Resort you would turn off highway 460 at the 15 mile marker.

Distances Driving Times

Having a map of Molokai is highly recommended, but many people still find it difficult to when it comes to conceptualizing the distance between two places. Miles and kilometers just do not seem to cut it sometimes, and a lot of people work better with units of time. As a result we have tried to put together an accurate list of drive times. Some times may seem a little high, but when you consider that the highest speed limit anywhere on the island is only 45mph and that there are factors that drivers have no control over, such as peak traffic times and road repairs you understand why.

Kaunakakai to:

Airport is just twenty minutes (8 miles)
Halawa along highway 450 takes about 51 minutes (27 miles)
Kalaupapa Lookout is a short twenty minute drive away (10 miles)
Maunaloa is just under half an hour away (16 miles)
Wavecrest Resort is also just twenty minutes away (13 miles)

Kaluakoi Resort to:

Airport takes just twenty minutes to cover 15 miles
Kauanakakai has a journey time of 35 minutes (22 miles)
Kalaupapa Lookout is also 35 minutes away (24 miles)
Road and travel maps can be obtained from most newsagents across the country, or from your local travel bureau or agent.