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Maui Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is home to over eighty sun drenched beaches, lush rainforests, elegant palm trees, crystal ocean waters and thousands of magnificent waterfalls. Definitely one of the most popular destinations of the 21st Century, Maui was voted as "the best island in the world" by the independent travel magazine "Condé Nast Traveller." Maui has the power to create memories you will treasure forever perfect weather, a multitude of places to stay, friendly inhabitants and an abundance of activity all go hand in hand to make a series of near perfect moments.The Hawaiian Island of Maui boasts a whole range of activities whether it is on the ocean jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling or snuba / Snuba Diving ; or overland hikes, biking down a volcano and exploring some of the ancient sites like the Iao Needle and the Seven Sacred Pools. The opportunities are endless and visitors are given the chance to experience sites, emotions and feelings they never imagined!

Not only is the island a treasure trove for the thrill seekers among us, but it also caters for those who are simply looking at getting away from the hustle and bustle of today's demanding times. With luxury resorts at prime locations all over the island, sunsets that are unparalleled, manicured vineyards and numerous golf courses this is the perfect place to collect themselves. However for those of you that are worried about being cut off from the world have no fear. Maui is a shopper's paradise with a number of complexes being erected around the island, and then when the sun goes down the after dark parties kick in with numerous live acts, bars and nightclubs to visit.

This paradise unfortunately does come with a price attached more so than any of the other of the Hawaiian Islands. This is the sad drawback that the influx of tourists has had. However, this has not impacted on the culture of the island and the inhabitants still nurture their heritage.

Maui Hawaii is accessible only by air or a ferry from Lanai. A number of local and mainland airlines provide daily services between this island and the gateway cities of the Western USA . No regular cruises run to the Island regularly to be considered viable way of getting there. Once touched down there are a number of ways to get around the area for further information please click here. click here.

So come, book that ticket and experience the magic, enchantment and charm of Maui.