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Finding that perfect vacation condo on Maui isn't quite as simple as whipping out the yellow pages. How so you ask? Well the reason for this is because a large number of the complexes that house the units do not in fact own and manage all the units.

Most of the condominiums, you will find, are owned privately and are often managed by one of the many rental agencies on Maui. Take the beautiful Kaanapali Royal for example, several of the units are owned full time, others are only used seasonally, and the remainder are rented out but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are all independently owned and maintained.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Maui's vacation condo rentals, a unit is not necessarily going to be the mirror image of the beautiful unit next door. It is not unheard of for some owners to cut as many costs as possible cheap fragile fixtures, poor finishings, and some have even be known to fill the unit with rescued furniture! Many people see one unit, fall in love, and decide they must have one all under the pretence that all the units in the complex are the same. A few little things you might want to check up on before you make your final decision on your vacation condo include:

  • What cleaning and garden services have been utilized and how frequently?
  • What is the overall boiler capacity?
  • How is the water pressure?
  • And as we mentioned already, costs are usually cut on the furniture and fittings so you might want a viewing beforehand to check them out for yourself.

Newcomers to the island should also know that the view you get (garden view, ocean view and ocean front view) are going to be one of the biggest determining factors of how much you will pay. Any sea view (especially if you are at the ocean's doorstep) is going to instantly up the price! And consider yourself warned many agents use this term very euphemistically.

During your search for those perfect vacation condominiums you no doubt will come across an advert that will look quite similar to the following:

"Stunning 3/2 ocean front condo available close to Maui Hawaii's beautiful Makena Beach."

Some people don't quite understand the "3/2" at first. This is in fact a ratio that expresses the number of bedrooms to bathrooms. So in this case we are looking at a condominium that has three bedrooms which are services by 2 independent bathrooms. The majority of vacation condos come complete with a whole host of amenities designed for your conveniences. Favorites include cable television entertainment system, telephone, fully equipped kitchenette, a private lanai and some even have a cleaning service that comes in every couple of days.

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