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Many people today associate the "Valley Isle" with bikini clad women, luxury vacation resorts and a vibrant nightlife. Are these attributes really ideal for those who seek that ideal family vacations on Maui?

The above is all true, but Maui has a deeper side to it and is abound with activities and outings to keep the whole family entertained. So what do you do when you feel you need a break from the beaches, the water sports and the site seeing? Outlined below are few "island extras" that will surely add a little more magic to any family vacation on Maui.

Experiences and Attractions for the Whole Family

Stargazing The Hyatt RegencyThe Hyatt Regency is noted for having one of the island's best kid's programs, which goes by the name of " Camp Hyatt." The Regency is also becoming known for its stargazing program. The Hawaiian Islands have some of the clearest and brightest skies imaginable, and with the resort's state of the art telescope (9 stories in height!), you almost feel as though you can reach out and pluck the stars from the night sky! A professional astronomer is on hand to guide you through your journey and operate the telescope. For booking information and show times please call 808 667 4727.

Plantation Express Maui was once networked by railroads that were built for transporting the island's sugar cane to the mills and for carrying the plantation workers to and from the cane fields. Today this poignant part of Maui's past is nearly all but gone; all that remains is one 6 mile stretch of track. This track is used by the steam powered SugarCane Train, which takes tourists on a relaxed tour of the island. This scenic train ride, with its singing conductor and "tooting" whistle, will be a hit with the little ones and is a must on all family vacations. Call 808 667 6851 with any enquiries.

We all Live on a Yellow Submarine The many water activities available are one of Maui's biggest selling points. Unfortunately some of them, like scuba diving, are not suitable for young children. Atlantis Submarines allow children (and mum and dad) to experience Hawaii's spectacular underwater world tropical fish, sharks, lobsters, sea turtles and eels. That's not all, family vacationers are also treated to shipwrecks and plane wrecks that lie on the bottom of the Pacific. This is an educational 45 minute tour that is incredibly entertaining. For more information:

Atlantis Adventures, LLC 
658 Front Street, Suite 175  
Lahaina, Maui  
Or telephone 800 548 6262