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Maui Home Rentals, Cheap Accommodation

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Maui home rentals are more suited to accommodating families and large groups of people. Often the term "Vacation Rental" is used, and this basically specifies that the property will be completely vacant apart from those vacationing there. The actual home rental unit can take on a number of forms, from being part of a building of condos, or self contained up market apartment all the way down to a simple beach cottage.

In effect a Maui home rental becomes your home away from home, and therefore come with fully fitted and stocked kitchenettes, laundry facilities, phone and pretty much all the other necessary home conveniences. It is worth finding out, especially if you have kids and teenagers, whether the unit you are thinking of going for comes with any form of entertainment centre and DVD.The main advantage of going for a vacation rental is that it can save you money to spend on other areas of your holiday. Units usually come at a fixed rental price which can be split over several people if you go in big group or have a combined family vacation. Secondly buying and preparing your own food is a lot cheaper than ordering from a menu at a hotel or a resort. We also prefer the privacy and intimacy they provide.

However, that all said many people might not be up for loading a washing machine while they are on their vacation or pealing potatoes and shelling peas for the evening's dinner. One word of advice though get a 24 hour contact number for the home's owner or caretaker just in case of an emergency such as a blocked drain or leaking ceiling.

Here are the names and contact details of some Agencies that can help you in your search:

  1. Maui Beachfront Rentals 808 661 3500
  2. Maui Condominium Home 808 879 5445
  3. Elite Properties 808 665 0561
  4. Maui Lodging.com 808 662 0087
  5. Hana Alii Holidays 808 248 7742