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All Inclusive Vacations to Maui

All inclusive vacations to Maui are becoming popular largely because of the peace of mind they offer. Many holiday makers too often find themselves in situations which effectively put a negative spin on their whole vacation.

Think about it its peak season on Maui and all the rental car companies are fresh out of chariots, the children are bored because the activities are overbooked and you cannot for the life of you find a table at any of the nearby restaurants. It's times like these you find yourself pondering as to why you came on holiday in the first place! Booking the family on any one of the available all inclusive Maui vacations is one way of making sure the only possible thing that could put a damper on your tropical time away is the rain.

Resorts and Accommodation

Many of Maui's resorts and hotels offer all inclusive deals. What this means is that all the little things dinners, drinks, tours and island activities, such as snorkeling, are all taken care of and catered for. Nothing is left for you to worry about, leaving you no choice but to pull up a sun lounger and relax. Not only is everything all planned out for you, but because everything is paid for before you even arrive, you do not have to worry about any extra cost jumping out at you. By doing this families know what they are spending, and any pre assigned budgets can be stuck to! The only money you might need would be for those souvenirs.

A misconception that is frequently made about "all inclusive vacations" is that they restrict you to one (maybe two) resorts. This may have been the case several years ago, but now it is nearly impossible to find a resort / hotel that does not offer this type of package.

So what can you expect as part of the package?

  • Guests often get to choose from a number of dishes when it comes to breakfast, lunch and supper. Some hotels even come round with mid morning and mid afternoon refreshments.
  • No limit on alcoholic beverages although this is often offered as an extra
  • Complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day.
  • Access to all water and beach sports managed by the resort.

The idea is that you will spent most of your time at the resort. With this in mind, you should make sure that your chosen resort has the type and number of facilities and activities you require. If you have young kids then you would do well to look for a place that runs a kid's program, such as the Hyatt Regency. For families with teenagers you should ideally look for a hotel with large social scene and that has amenities. We recommend the Grand Wailea.