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The rapid advancement of the internet and online technology in general has made it easier than ever for holiday hagglers to find that perfect vacation package to Maui.

Originally the whole "vacation package" concept was introduced by hotels that simply flooded the market with one holiday offer after another this was great for those who were on a tight budget. Today packaged holidays are not just offered by the more "affordable" hotel chains. Big names such as "Ritz Carlton" have hopped on board this successful band wagon, and it doesn't stop there. Vacation packages to Maui are now even arranged by airlines including Delta and American Airlines.

The majority of packages can be found and booked via the internet, but you can also go through travel agents and, as previously mentioned, directly through big names in the travel industry i.e. airlines and hotel/resort chains. The accommodation and air tickets are bought en masse and then bundled together, by doing this, hotels and airfares attract customers without inciting a widespread cut in rates which could be financially damaging. Buying in bulk also means that a cost saving is also more likely, and this saving is often reflected in the shelf price of the package.

The prices tend to remain fairly stable because of the fierce market competition among travel agents this is characteristic of any "leisure" focused destination. Package prices also vary depending on what time of year you go. For example, from September through to the end of November, many of the schools are back and families begin to settle down again after the summer break. Not as many people are traveling, so it is possible for considerable savings to be made.

There are other factors which can affect the prices of vacation packages, whether it be to Maui or India, but these are unfortunately out of your control and fall under the heading of "global concerns." One thing you will not have to worry about is the exchange rate. More often than not packages are priced so far in advance that even if there was a currency fluctuation your air ticket and accommodation rates will not be affected.

Many travel agents, both online and off, offer themed packages which may help you narrow down your search for that perfect holiday. Some of the more popular types include honeymoon vacations and golf vacations.