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Maui's resorts are one up on the hotels in that they provide exactly what you would expect a hotel to, and then more! But what does this "more" actually consist of? One of the most notable things about Maui's resorts is that usually have direct access to the some of the island's best golden beaches (that are dotted with cabanas), lounge chairs are scattered around and often there is a very opulent looking pool area. Resorts are also bound to have a Jacuzzi, spa and fitness centre just round the corner!The service within a resort also far exceeds that of hotels, with 24 hour front desks and concierge as well as round the clock room service and baggage attendant! Now that's what we call pampering! If you pick the right one you might even be opening your veranda doors onto views of groomed fairways of some of Maui's most elegant golf courses.

However be careful a lot of hotels have thrown "resort" into their name it is definitely worth looking into see you are getting what you are paying for.

Some of the islands best resorts are listed below:

  • Ritz Carlton
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Grand Wailea
  • Four Seasons
  • Maui Banyan
  • Maui Embassy

Prices vary from resort to resort. Potential guests should be aware that a new practice is beginning to emerge on the Hawaiian Islands and has been taken up by a number of resorts. What we are talking about is a "resort fee."

In days gone by guests had access to a lot of complimentary items and services, such as a daily newspaper, use of the gym facilities, and free local phone calls. Today you can expect to find an additional fee added to your bill for the use of all theses "complimentary services," which can be anything up to $15 PER DAY or more.