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Maui's Helicopter Tours

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A Maui helicopter tour is more than just a ride in a helicopter. Soaring above the island sky allows you to truly experience this Hawaiian Island paradise. Flying high has the advantage of bringing you face to face with waterfalls, the once active Haleakala, and the summit of Puu Kukui in the West Maui Mountains a virtual tour of the Garden of Eden.Many visitors have said that if want the best then go for a tour that focuses on West Maui and the 3000 foot sea cliffs of Molokai. Be sure to look out for the spectacular Honokohau Falls before traveling along the tropical reefs and up through the Olowalu Valley. This tour usually brings you out facing the spectacular pinnacle that is the Iao Needle. Since you are now in the Iao Valley, it is worth your while asking to visit the incredible Wall of Tears which is the second wettest area on earth with up to seventeen waterfalls flowing into each other. The story behind this impressive site is that the gods jabbed their fingers into the land causing it to weep.

If you get a chance to do a circle tour you will be able to catch some of the sites of the eastern part of the island, including the beautiful Hana coastline and the Haleakala Crater. Depending on the degree of cloud cover over the crater you may have to be content with just peering over the rim.

Because of the growing number of companies offering helicopter tours, prices fluctuate, but many of them do offer discounts for internet bookings or in the form of coupons. We strongly recommend taking your tour as early on your trip as possible; we suggest this for two reasons. Firstly an aerial view will help orientate you, and secondly you might find that the weather takes a bad turn later on in the day forcing you to postpone your tour, and if you are coming to the end of your stay you end up missing out.

For the best experience book for the early morning when the winds are calmer and the cloud cover is a lot sparser. A helicopter tour of Maui also provides a magnificent photo opportunity, but to make sure you make the most of this remember to load a fast film into you camera. Also do not forget to compensate for the glare from the helicopter's windows by upgrading and adding a circular polarizer to your camera. With regards to seating the best seats are ALWAYS in the front, or alternatively you need to be seated on the side where all the action is. For example if the tour heads up the Hana Coast then the left side of the craft is better. Phone up the relevant company and enquire about the route so you can get a better idea.

Right that all said what company should you choose? Below are the details of some companies to get you started:

Blue Hawaiian 808 871 8844

Sunshine 808 871 0722

Air Maui 808 877 7005