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Maui's Nightlife Night Clubs and Theatres

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Maui's nightlife is always changing so it's hard to keep track of the current hip hot spots. One thing that does go unquestioned is that once the sun sets and you say goodbye to the lush scenery, your day is far from over! We strongly recommend picking up a Thursday copy of the "Maui News" and flipping to the "Maui Scene" section where you will find details of any special events.To try and help you out we have tried to give some details on the most popular haunts. So to get the show on the road lets start at the island's capital. Lahaina. This is the centre of West Maui's nightlife and all the top hot spots seem to be located around Front Street. Visitors to the island have come back and bragged about a nightspot called "Moose McGillycuddy's." Quite popular with the younger crowd, it has music playing every night. The late night crowd tends to head towards the "Maui Brews" which is flavoured with reggae and salsa jams that carry on till 1.30am. Some of you will be pleased to hear that there is also a branch of the famous " Hard Rock Café" that is typical full of rock n roll memorabilia and loud music all the makings of quite a party!

Not quite your scene? Why not visit the "Maui Myth and Magic Theatre" which pieces together Hawaiian mythology with dance, drama and spellbinding acrobatics. Please call 808 661 9913 for further information. Other live entertainment can be found at "Warren Annabelle's" who host a magical cocktail show complete with illusions and a piano playing ghost.

Moving to Kahului we come to the island's most prominent entertainment venues the $28 million Maui Arts and Cultural Center. This venue has hosted performances by international artists, including Tony Bennett, B.B. King, Pearl Jam and Ziggy Marley. This town also has some of the greatest cinemas, we recommend visiting the ones in the Kaahumanu Center.

Maui's nightlife kind of dies down the further south you go. However, "Hapa's Night Club" near Lipoa Center makes for quite a fun time. The place starts filling up after 9pm and each night usually has its own showcase. Weekends usually see the Grand Wailea's night club "Tsunami" rocking up a storm.

The Upcountry is also has quite a relaxed night vibe. One place worth checking out is "Casanova." Found in Makawao, this Italian restaurant is famous for its pasta, large booths and live entertainment. The setting sun sees the opening of the dance floor complete with DJ which rocks till about 1.30am.

Nothing though, especially if you are a first time visitor to the island, can beat a traditional luau. For more on these celebrations of culture please check out Maui's Luaus.