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Molokai Hawaii The Most Hawaiian Isle

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Molokai, Hawaii's "Most Hawaiian Isle" does not have bustling populations like Oahu and Maui, nor is it home to the many stylish resorts that most tourists seem to think epitomizes Hawaii.

This island still seems to be very much caught up in the past, and to this day its local inhabitants resist the development that has swept over and changed the other Hawaiian Islands.

So if you are thinking Molokai might be able to offer you a vibrant nightlife or high rise condos laced with spas, retreats and luaus.then you might want to reconsider your travel plans.

Upon reading this, some of you might be asking "well what can the island offer then!?"

Molokai, Hawaii offers you the opportunity to get away from the daily pressures of life, and escape into simplicity and beauty. The island has one hotel, a couple of condo rentals, and one up market lodge (the Sheraton Molokai Lodge) all of which compliment this escape. The Hotel Molokai's "A Frame" design allows the island's beauty to casually seep in, The Lodge is sited on an up and running 54000 acre ranch, and the condo rentals have been kept basic yet functional. In short we believe that Molokai has been tailored to keep you outdoors! don't believe us? Then why not investigate the Sheraton Beach Villa (separate from the Lodge.)

The island's available activities go one step further in making sure you stay out under the tropical sky. One of the most notable experiences is the Mule Ride, which not only allows riders to see the inner sanctums of the island, but also takes them back in time to when Molokai was once home to one of the world's most recognized leper colonies and introduces them to the man that treated many of the sufferers, Father Damien.

Mule rides to horse rides and roundups Molokai is also home to a very strong "paniolo" culture. The paniolo is the Hawaiian equivalent to what many people would call a cowboy! To this very day you can see true paniolos working The Ranch, herding cattle and walking the island's many trails. Speaking of trails if you are interested in doing a spot of hiking the area around Maunaloa is home to a number of trails including: The Mountain Trail, The Temples Hike and The Ancient Trail some taking up to six hours to complete.

Let's not forget all the beaches available, particularly the 3 mile long Papohahu Beach on the west side of Molokai. Hawaii beaches are playgrounds to a whole host of water sportsmen, and Molokai is no exception. Visitors to the island can enjoy a multitude of activities from open water kayaking and snorkeling to scuba diving and surfing. More on Molokai's activities.

Need more convincing? We saved the best till last. We have all heard of the "hula dance" well Molokai is where it originated from and is where some of Hawaii's best dancers come from. An annual festival is held in May.

So if you wanted the pure taste of Hawaii Welcome to Molokai