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Looking for Molokai Condos? If you are then you are in for a little bit of a search as this island is the least developed of all the Hawaiian Islands and as a result the number of condominiums available for leasing or buying is very low.

However if you are undeterred by this then the best place to start looking is the sunnier western part of Molokai near and around the Molokai Ranch, home to this area of the island's only up market hotel called The Lodge. The grandeur of The Ranch and its many facilities including the beautiful Kaluakoi Golf Course are what have attracted many developers and made the west a prime site for a condominiums.

At present there are only three options open to condo hunters, and these are the Kaluakoi Resort Colony, Ke Nani Kai, and the Paniolo Hale developments. These are three very impressive sites, but disappointingly between them they only hold 200 units. All 200 Molokai condos are privately owned and are just extensions of the Kaluakoi Resort, meaning they all have access to the resort's luxurious golf course, pool and dinning facilities. The legendary Papohaku Beach which is the longest and whitest of Hawaii's beaches is only a stone throws away. The beautiful Kepuhi Beach is also not too far away.

A number of owners let out their properties for example we were recently requested to link to this privately owned website advertising their property where the owner has 2 rooms see http://istaymolokai.com/http://istaymolokai.com/

Most owners however, never lease out their units. It is estimated that about 135 of the condos remain unused for most of the year. A quarter of them are only used half of the year by those who are escaping the winter months elsewhere, and it is estimated that less than 20 of Molokai Condos have permanent residents. This means that a large proportion of areas have not caught onto the idea of "timeshare schemes," meaning there is potential for this market to expand.

If you are going away with the family we recommend Ke Nani Kai (808 552 2761) whose units are noticeably roomier. The sea however is not right on your doorstep and a short walk is required to get to the seafront. Paniolo Hale (808 552 2731) tends to offer better value and offers regular discounted weekly rates and even special packages.

Please note: The Kaluakoi Resort has changed management several times, and at one stage closed down for a period of time. The resort has had a disrupted past so it is possible that its future could suffer a similar fate. This would affect some of the facilities and services outlined above.