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Molokai' Golf Courses

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Looking to walk the fairways of a few Molokai golf courses? This subdued little island, because of the concern of over development, only has two notable courses which is considerably less than those on the other Hawaiian Isles. The two places to "tee off" are the Kaluakoi Golf Course and the Ironwood Hills Golf Course. We provide details of both of these below.

Kaluakoi Experience

Part of a resort, the golf course is on the west end of the island near the 3 mile long Popahaku Beach. A golfing extravaganza, Kaluakoi was the brainchild of Ted Robinson and is made up of 18 intricately designed holes which have a 72 par between them. Players and spectators alike cannot help but comment on its beauty manicured fairways, Pacific shorelines, incandescent lakes and an array of wildlife that just give that added bit of a character to the rolling greenery.

This course is so close to the shore that you might just find your ball on the beach as many people discover on the very fist hole. No wonder it's a par 5! As soon as you've navigated the bunker of a beach you hit the lake hazard of hole number two. More water hazards lie in wait on hole 6, which has been affectionately been known as "The Great Lakes." The meandering of the lakes makes hole 6 one of the most nail biting. The shoreline makes a comeback on the 10th hole and then six holes on, players face what Golf Digest describes as "The Gorge."

Kaluakoi comes complete with a pro shop that hires out a multitude of golf equipment. Players can also unwind after a game in the lounge area or maybe work on their "form" at the driving range.

P. O. Box 259
HI 96770
Or call 808 552 0255 for reservations.

Please note: The Kaluakoi Resort has changed management several times in the past. In light of this it is possible a change could occur in the future which may affect some of the facilities / services described here.

Ironwood Hills

Ironwood Hills is half the size of Kaluakoi and can be found resting on the island's north shore. A public course, it was established in the pineapple plantation days of the late 1930s and was a relatively basic course. As the years have gone by, landscapers have since added additional features and upgrades which make for an overall more challenging game. Ironwood Hills has been described as a "mountain course" that stretches out over undulating terrain and is framed by thick wooded vegetation. What makes this golf course so challenging, are the winds that sweep through the northern part of the island.

A pro shop is on site and a clubhouse serves refreshments. Do not worry if you have no clubs as there are sets available to hire.

P. O. Box 182
HI 96757
for reservations or queries please call 808 567 6000.