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The Molokai Mule Ride

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Forget horse riding, people are now opting for a Molokai mule ride! Conducted out of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park this is a true Hawaiian adventure that incorporates scenic island views and innate pieces of Molokai's history.

The park extends from the central part of the island through to the northern coast, and the tours themselves are carried out everyday except Sundays and include entry permits.

The famed Molokai mule ride starts from the central part of the park, from what has affectionately been termed the "Mule Barn." It is here you will come face to face with your trusty steeds. Before setting off, experienced guides and handlers will coach riders how to steer and control their new four legged friend. This "introductory session" usually does not take very long as all the mules have been trained and know the trail like the back of their hoof!

The main goal of the ride is to reach the historic village of Kalaupapa, once home to the selfless Father Damien who ultimately sacrificed his own life caring for leprosy sufferers. The tour extends just short of 3 miles and is anything but clear sailing, with 25 switchbacks and a traverse down the world's highest sea cliffs! Think we are pulling your leg the cliffs on Molokai's north coast are 1700 feet high and are recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The trail provides fantastic views of some of the finest tropical landscapes, and also is the perfect outing to see Molokai's plant and animal life.

On reaching the village, your posse of steeds will be met by a member of "Damien Tours" who will take you on a journey back into the island's past. Some of the stories will shock you, while others will move and hopefully touch your hearts. The climax of this journey is the resting place of the noble Father Damien. Riders do not have to worry about packing food and snacks because the mule ride fee includes a small picnic meal to satisfy those afternoon food cravings. The group usually settles down to eat at Judd Park, which provides fantastic views from some of the finest cliffs and waterfalls.

Please note all riders need to be over the age of 16, and all riders, irrespective of age, need to sign a "Waiver of Liability Form." For more information or to book seats on the mule express contact:

PO Box 200
HI 96757
Or call 808 567 6088