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The Munro Trail Trekking Adventure

Munro Trail on Lanai HI 5

The Munro Trail is one of Hawaii's most widely recognized excursions that is roughly seven miles long and takes on average between two and three hours to complete. The potholed dirt road that characterizes the trail is best tackled in a four by four and will take visitors through rain forests and up to the summit of Mount Lanaihale which is at 3,370 feet above sea level. This is the perfect vantage point from which to see the six other islands. From the summit the trail then extends down to the Palawai Basin.

After about three miles into Lanai's Munro Trail you will reach what is known as the Maunalei Gulch which translates to "mountain lei". It got this name due to the "lei like", almost garland appearance of clouds that typically hover around this mountainous area. There is also some history to this valley in about 1778 an invading force from the Big Island blockaded Lanai. The Lanai forces made their last stand in this valley where they were eventually starved out and killed. Visitors to The Traili can still see Hookio Notches that have been carved into the central ridge of the gulch.

The Trail does have a number of less frequently travelled roads stemming off from it but you are advised not to leave the main trail as these other roads could possibly have unadvised road conditions. Those adventuring onto this Hawaiian trail should also please note that there are no facilities, so individuals and groups need to provide their own water and gasoline reserves.