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Vacation on Oahu Top Attractions Must Sees

Surf, sun, bronzed bodies and a high octane island vibe, just some of the reasons why vacations to Oahu are so popular.

This is definitely Hawaii's social capital and you can bet there is always something going on, no wonder it has been labeled as "The Gathering Place!" Honolulu is full of many world class resorts, great shopping and some fine restaurants but that's just skimming the surface. People want to get the most out of their vacation, so we have put together a list of some of the islands more popular experiences scenery all included!.

Sights to Scream About

Waikiki Beach, probably the most famous beach in the world, is one stop that cannot be missed. The beach's popularity began half way through the 20th century and it has continued to be a booming tourist hotspot up until today. Even if you are not a "sand and surf" type of person it is worth visiting Waikiki beach just to witness, and maybe even learn from the extraordinary laid back culture it fosters. So come and take a stroll under the palm trees and experience the energy of Oahu.

The Diamond Head Crater is one of thee most well known volcanic craters in the world, and rightly so. With a side to side measurement of three and a half thousand feet, and a height of 760 foot this half a million year old volcano got its name from the calcite crystals found on its slopes which, you guessed it, were originally mistaken for diamonds! Not just a pretty site, The Diamond Head Crater also holds a switchback trail that takes you up to the summit. If this is going to make a point of fitting this into your vacation package to Oahu then be sure to look out for the remnants of a WWII bunker!

Hanauma Bay is a fantastic beach for swimming and is a snorkel and diving paradise. The bay's unique formation came about when the ocean floor gave way and the subsequent immersion of two volcanic craters. The area is rich in marine life and in order to conserve this beautiful ecosystem, the Hanauma Bay now listed as an Underwater Park and Conservation District. Family's often spend the whole day here and it has become a popular picnic site please just remember to clean up when your done!

Waimea Bay is home to some of the best surfing conditions on the planet. You may be thinking that surfing is for well best suited to.well surfers. However, many holidays bypass such an experience for this very reason. There is a grace and magic to this sport and the professionals that frequent this beach know how to please a crowd. Start watching and you cannot stop why not at least give it a try! If you are lucky you might find your vacation overlaps with one of the Pro Contests.

What package vacation to Oahu would be complete without a pilgrimage to Pearl Harbor, the setting for one of the most tragic days of WWII. The site, made famous by several Hollywood movies, draws thousands of visitors from across the world every year. Many come to see the USS Arizona Memorial which was built as a tribute to the 1177 sailors who lost their lives aboard this mighty vessel on the 7th December 1941. Opening times are from 0730 to 1700.