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Thinking about signing up for one of the many Oahu vacation packages that are available this holiday season?

Generally, when you opt for the package option, your air ticket and accommodation are combined and presented as single, and often cheaper, price. Some agents will also include a car rental, meals and island activities into their packages, as well as the standard airfare and hotel room.

Holidaymakers often mistakenly use the terms "package tour" and "escorted tour" synonymously. All that a package tour is is a way of combining your flight and accommodation (and maybe the odd one or two optional extras.) Because many of the travel companies buy in large amounts, they are often given huge discounts, which eventually find their way to the public in the form of a lower shelf price. Unfortunately there is rarely anything constant about vacation packages to Oahu the types of resorts or hotels can vary greatly, and sometimes you may come across a package which limits you to a set of dates.

In any event it is worth shopping around and getting a base price so you can actually work out if the package is saving you money. The prices of flights can be obtained by visiting the airline's website. The price of accommodation in Hawaii can be found in a similar way. Once you have the two you can compare this figure to that stated in package. You might also want to check out the accommodation first before you make your final decision many people think they have found the perfect bargain, then they suddenly realize when they lay their eyes on their supposed "island palace" why the rate was so low!

You also want to ensure that there are no hidden costs. This involves reading the fine print and learning and making note of exactly what you are paying for. Some things you might want to double check include: hotel taxes, airport taxes, transfers and sales tax. What about if things suddenly change? does your oahu vacation package give you the flexibility to change your dates or offer some sort of refund in the event of a cancellation. Think about it, what if one of your immediate family members becomes sick or is involved in an accident what then?