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The many Oahu vacation rentals that are available can offer a welcomed change from the many over commercialized resorts and hotels that litter the Hawaiian Isles.

A condo, cottage or home rental gives more flexibility and privacy to your vacation. Being away from Hawaii's busy hotels, means that people get the chance to truly experience the island's faultless beaches, intrepid landscape and the deeply entrenched array of cultures.

Some people are a bit skeptical when it comes to committing themselves. Most of them are in the mind set that they are on holiday, so why should they have to cook and clean. Granted, in the end it's a personal preference do you substitute privacy for 25hr room service? The majority of rental units come with all the modern conveniences you would expect to find in any normal American home microwaves, television, fully fitted kitchenette and more.

Popular vacation rentals are listed below:

ResortQuest Waikiki Beach Tower Vacation Rentals (808 926 6400) can be found on the outskirts of the infamous Waikiki Beach just 10 miles from the state's main city of Honolulu. These condos are absolutely beautiful and completely self contained. Although all the units are located in a single complex no unit intrudes on another, ensuring maximum privacy. The complex's proximity to the sea means the vacation rentals are adorned with some of the finest views of the Pacific Ocean.



ResortQuest Waikiki Sunset Vacation Rentals (808 922 0511) Conveniently just minutes from Honolulu International and the island's zoo, these Hawaii based vacation rentals expose guests to a variety of views the solemn Diamond Head, the mighty ocean or the emerald clad mountains. A favourite for family vacations due to their roomy interiors; these units are also good value for money and or close to the action of Waikiki Beach.

The Waikiki Shore Condominium Resort (808 952 4500), is our final recommendation to get you started. The units are only a step away form Waikiki Beach and are very affordable. Choose between one or two bedrooms and then simply let yourself relax! Evening sunsets over the pacific, pristine beaches and a central location make these some of the most popular!