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Paia, Maui

maui north shore

Once upon a time Maui's Paia used to be a flourishing settlement centred around a sugar mill. The mill itself is still standing but the hustle and bustle has since moved on. Today the atmosphere here is still quite relaxed but the old "ma and pa" type establishments have given way to boutiques, chic eateries and coffee shops. The town is also adorned in surf shops and names like "Bead Heaven" and "Hemp House." If you are looking for wares and crafts by Maui's residents then we suggest taking a visit to the Maui Crafts Guild (808 579 9697.)This little Maui town is not home to the typical cascading waterfalls, panoramic views or breathtaking scenery. So why even go there you ask? The draw of Paia is in its character. The Holy Rosary is a quirky little church, adorned in antique birch and glass, and houses a memorial to Father Damien of Molokai. You will find the Holy Rosary on Baldwin Avenue opposite the Paia School.

On the outskirts of Paia there is another one of Maui spectacular lookouts called Hookipa Lookout. This is a favourite spot to view the surf pound its way to the shores, and it also attracts windsurfers due to the strange predictability of the wind. This is one of the hottest windsurfing destinations!

Golfers are also in luck when visiting Paia as it is home to the Maui Country Club. The course itself is quire flat but beware of the windy conditions. You can find the club at 48 Nonohe Pl, Paia. For direction and queries on green fees please call 808 877 0616.