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Parasailing on Maui

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This is the water sport where you are hooked up to a parachute and then are pulled by a motor boat via a cord. The pull of the boat fills the parachute with air and allows you to hover above the ocean reeling in and out during the course of the ride.

Most Maui parasailing experiences are set to be about ten minutes long and usually costs over $40 per person. Being at such a height gives riders the chance to experience the natural and lush views of the island. If you are looking for the best setting for your adventure then try and book a parasailing ride just off of Lahaina.For your own safety please only use reputable and recognized companies that are qualified in the use and set up of the equipment. The top companies for parasailing in Maui are listed below with their contact details:

Parasail Kaanapali This Company operates an impressive 900 foot tow line and charges in the region of $40 for a ride.

UFO Parasailing Located on Kaanapali Beach opposite the front Leilani's Restaurant. This is slightly dearer company charging near to $50 for a mere 7minute ride with a 400 foot tow rope, and close around $60 for a 10 minute ride using an 800 tow.

West Maui Parasail is the one company that has a valid permit to work from Lahaina Harbor. It is advised to make bookings because in summer there can be a wait of up to three days. Rates are at around $47 for a 7minute/400 foot tow ride and roughly around $54 for a 10 minute/800 foot tow ride. Discounts are offered to parties of 6 or more.

Please note that all companies close their doors during the Humpback Whale migration season. This falls annually between about May 16 through to December 14 each year. Bare this in mind when booking you vacation.