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Maui's real estate comes in a number of shapes and sizes and this is largely due to the different climates that govern the separate parts of the island. In the last three years the property market has just soared and is expected to continue on rising. Before looking around, you should be aware that the unit of measurement here is square feet, with one acre being the equivalent of 43560 square feet. That all said let us look at some of the hottest property spots that this little Hawaiian island has to offer. Please see a list of agencies at the end.

Kaanapali Real Estate

The beauty of this part of Maui is that the resort here not only offers condominiums, but also home rentals. Noted amongst the condos in this area is the eight acre filled Kaanapali Alii, the affluent Kaanapali Royal complex that runs along the fairway of the Kaanapali Royal Golf Course, and then lastly there are the condos of Kahua Kai which are nested between the Kaanapali North and South Golf Courses. With regards to the housing sites you cannot get finer specimens than those a little further up the coast at Kapalua.


When it comes to Maui real estate, you will not be able to find a better blend of the old with new than you will in Lahaina. The newly erected condos tie in quite nicely with the much older houses that still line the streets of this once bustling whaling town. The lovely beaches that typify the area are safe and sheltered, which makes this spot a favourite spot for families Napili Bay and Launiupoko Beach Park are particularly popular. Potential investors should be aware that area around Lahaina is noted for its scorching temperatures, which is largely due to its position on the leeward side of the island.


Some of the most sought after property is in Kihei, in fact this is one of the most chased after places in Hawaii! Two factors contribute to its popularity its pristine beaches (Kamaole Beach Parks and Keawakapu Beach) and its affordability when compared to other areas with homes starting at around the $200 000. The winter months also make this a prime whale watching spot adding to its market value.


We said that Kihei is one of the most favoured areas in Hawaii, well Wailea is one of the most favoured in the world. Located in the south this area is home to a selection of "award winning" condos which lie amongst well known golf courses Wailea Point is a complex that is particularly well known around the globe. What of the housing sites? The houses are grouped in little communes all in the aid of maximizing safety and privacy, and have access to some of the islands finest shopping and eating spots that Maui has to offer.


Makena Real Estate

Makena and Wailea are usually synonymous with each other. The Makena properties do border the Wailea resorts but they definitely do have a separate feel to them and are enshrouded in their own personal history as well as by the lovely Makena Golf Courses. If you are looking for home sites then Makena Place is for you but it should be noted that only ten of its sites can be used for custom single family home units. Other places to consider are Keauhou and the newly developed One Palauea Bay.


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