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Molokai Equipment Rentals

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No need to worry about having to pack that fishing pole or trying to figure out where you are going to fit a pair of water skis because the number of Molokai rentals and tour companies is overwhelming.

Many people come to this beautiful Hawaiian Island to try their hand at a few of the native water sports, and as a result many businesses make their living solely on providing tours and renting equipment to tourists and returning visitors. This page provides a list of Molokai rentals for some of the island's most popular water sports.

Boogie Boarding

Fancy trying a spot of boogie boarding on either Halawa or Papohaku beach? Then the best places to rent out boards are both located in Kaunakakai.

  • Molokai Outdoor Activities is a rental store and their daily rates being very competitive. If you would like to know more please visit www.molokai outdoors.comwww.molokai outdoors.com or call 808 553 4477.

Kayaking Rentals

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular and many are finding it the perfect medium from which to indulge in a bit of completely independent exploring. The place to go is Molokai Outdoors (www.molokai outdoors.comwww.molokai outdoors.com) who not only supply kayaks but also conduct tours of the south side of the island, which may be ideal for the less experienced paddlers. Once again though if price is a major factor then we recommend returning to Molokai Outdoor Activities. Those staying at or near the Sheraton Molokai Lodge can rent kayaks from them at a higher price call 808 660 2710.


The waters around Molokai hold many treasures for the keen holiday fisherman. People new to the island would do well to contact Alye C Sportsfshing who are familiar with all the island's best spots and who run full day excursion of up to half a dozen people. If you would like to know more, the number to dial is 808 558 8377.

If you are more of a light tackle angler looking for rentals on Molokai, then we recommend popping into Molokai Action Adventures (808 558 8184.) If deep fishing is your thing then the 6 hour expeditions conducted by Fun Hoggs Hawaii is right up your alley. Call 808 567 6789 for more details on equipment prices and boat fees.

Snorkel and Scuba Tours

The abundance of marine life in these ocean waters is phenomenal and is definitely worth exploring. Many visitors believe Bill Kapuni's Snorkel and Dive to be the best the island has to offer. The dives are conducted out of a 22 foot whaler and promise unforgettable sites such as graceful manta rays and docile sea turtles. For more information please call 808 558 8184.

A large number of bed and breakfasts, hotels and lodging also hire out equipment, but you would be advised to enquire before making a booking.