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Romantic Vacations on Hawaii Top Choices

This section looks at some of the more intimate island activities which are perfect for those romantic vacations on Hawaii. The majority of the recommendations below, you will be glad to hear, are not designed to put a dent in your bank balance but to provide a setting that complements a couples time together. So let the romantic vacation begin.

Romantic Must Dos

One of the most romantic experiences you could both undertake would be a warm sunset or dinner cruise just off the coast Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. It is not uncommon for most cruises to pick you up from your hotel, and then whisk you through the beautifully lit streets to your floating palace. A dinner cruise typically has an open bar and a lot of them have some form of live entertainment. We recommend the Navatek I that has a unique design that dispels all upsetting motion for the smoothest ride. Call 808 973 1311 for more information.

There is nothing quite like the magic and solemnity of Pearl Harbor to make you appreciate what you have. A key moment in US history, tourists are invited to walk on the USS Arizona memorial, which lies over the resting place of the once mighty warship which became a tomb for over a thousand men. Learn more about what happened on the 7th of December 1941 and relive what for many were their last moments.
: Arrive as early as possible because queues can start to build up the closer to lunch you get, and wear open shoes failure to do so will result in you being turned away.

When it comes to Hawaii's romantic vacations, try and incorporate a visit to Pacific's answer to the infamous the Grand Canyon. Waimea Canyon is home to spectacular cliffs and seascapes that stream into your every view. If you want the best canyon experience, then we strongly suggest booking one of Kauai's helicopter tours. These tours provide unrestricted views of romantically set waterfalls and valleys that cannot be reached from the ground.

While the both of you are on "The Garden Isle" you may as well sample some of the Hawaiian culture. The Courtyard Kauai holds one of the most authentic luaus Hawaii has to offer. Guests are entertained by dancers and live musicians, and specialty acts are designed to give you a sample of Hawaii's past. The luau organized by the Hyatt regency is also a big crowd drawer, and is renowned for its outstanding menu, which includes local delicacies, including kalua pig and poi.

During the winter season, one of the most popular activities is whale watching off the coast of Maui. Humpback whales come to these shallow waters during December through to April, presenting the perfect opportunity to see these majestic mammals in their natural surroundings. For the most educational tour we recommend the Pacific Whale Foundation, they even have special equipment that allows you to listen to whale's underwater sounds. Remember to also keep a lookout for dolphins that are anything but shy of the vessel.

Ever noticed how clear the tropical skies are at night in Hawaii? Romantic vacations come alive at night, and no where else more so than atop Mauna Kea. The stars and planets seem brighter from up here, and so clear, that they appear to be only a reach away. You do not need a telescope to enjoy this sight, only a warm blanket and maybe a thermos of coffee.

Next up is a visit to the rainbows that inhabit Akaka Falls . The waterfall can be found in the rainforest region of the BIg Island where the air is full with the scent of plumeria trees and alive with the sound of the forest's abundant birdlife. The cascading water and the tropical sunlight are the ingredients that are responsible for producing one of the most spectacular rainbows on the Hawaiian Isles.

The Hawaiian hula is an age old island tradition, which was thought to have originated from Molokai. Although many of us are familiar with the term, few of us have witnessed the real thing and we are not talking about those dances that have adopted a modern flare. Once a year at the festival of Ka Hula Piko people can see the truest form of the dance performed. The energy and passion that courses throughout the day is something to be experienced. If one of your romantic vacations to Hawaii ever falls during the third Saturday of May, be sure to check out the festivities.