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Maui's Seven Sacred Pools

Seven Sacred Pools Oheo Gulch Hana 2048 cq8

Maui's Seven Sacred Pools, also locally known as the Ohe'o Gulch are part of the Haleakala National Park located on the southeast part of the island. The Seven Sacred Pools themselves are a spectacular series of waterfalls and gentle plunge pools that cover the Ohe'o Gulch that eventually find their way to the ocean.

The source of these waterfalls and pool is the Pipiwau Stream which originates several kilometers inland. The perfect playground there is a bridge that stems across the foremost pool where many thrill seeking individuals dive off, from here they then proceed to launch themselves off the waterfall into the next pool. Above the Seven Sacred Pools (hikers will be pleased) runs The Pipiwai Trail which has been classed as one of the top hikes on Maui. This hike can take as long as five hours to complete (depending how long you stop to take in the surroundings) and covers four miles and elevates by 650 feet. The Pipiwai Trail also winds past numerous waterfalls almost as glorious as the Seven Sacred Pools, including the breathtaking Waimoku Falls. Try and look out for a well worn path that branches away from the main trail as this will take you to the Infinity Pool a picture perfect moment if ever there was!

When visiting the Seven Sacred Pools or the Pipiwai Trail it is best to arrive in the early morning before 11am, as the afternoons often bring an influx of people. Peak time is usually 2pm and the car park can often be near to overflowing. Please note that entrance to the Park is around the $10 mark per vehicle and this pass allows you to also go up to the summit of Haleakala. You are therefore advised to hold onto your receipt, otherwise you might find yourself paying again.

So whether you are looking to swim, to hike, experience nature's playground or simply relax and take in the setting the pools cannot be missed. Funnily enough visitors would be interested to know that there in fact were never seven pools but shhh!