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Scuba Diving on Maui

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Scuba Diving Maui is an experience all in itself, for these tranquil waters hold a number of fantastic underwater sights. The island is also littered with a number of dive companies and schools, some of which will be given at the end of this page to help you get started.

Before that though, we are going to take a look at Maui's Scuba Diving hot spots.The two most talked about Scuba Diving adventures are the Cathedrals II and the Black Wall of Molokini. The Cathedrals II can be found just off the coast of Lanai and the majority of company excursions leave from the old whaling town of Lahaina. The Cathedrals II essentially is a huge lava room that has multiple entrances and as the sun shines through the water it has a similar effect to sunlight beaming through the big windows often found in old cathedrals truly breathtaking. The area is also full of a whole variety of marine life dolphins, frogfish, reef sharks and octopuses.

The Black Wall of Molokini can be found just on the outside of the crater itself. This is the probably the most dramatic of diving adventures, with the wall plunging into a sort of abyss. The chance to go down to such great depths is what attracts a lot of divers, as well as the ever present reef sharks and other marine life that have made the crater their home.

Right now, so who is going to take you on these fine outings? Below are the names of the dive companies who have received the best reviews:

  • Prodiver Maui 808 875 4004
  • Maui Dreams 808 874 5332
  • Maui Dive Shop 808 879 3388
  • Extended Horizons 808 667 5331

There are bound to be visitors to the island to whom diving will be a completely new experience. For them we recommend an "intro" course offered by Maui Dreams. A word of warning though if you suffer from asthma, ear problems, heart disease, high blood pressure or are taking any medication, give the dive company running the introductory program a call before hand. In certain instances to protect themselves, they might need a sign off from your doctor.