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Maui Snuba Diving

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The Maui snuba diving experience is one of the best the globe can offer. For those of you who are not a hundred percent sure what snuba diving is, allow us to explain. Snuba diving is a hybrid ocean sport that combines elements of Scuba Diving and snorkeling.A completely original and safe system, Snuba sees a diver connected via an air pipe to an inflatable raft that holds the air tanks. As the diver moves along, the raft follows above them. People using this system can reach depths of about 20 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. This is the perfect way to witness and experience Hawaii's underwater heaven.

So why would people choose this over snorkeling and snuba adventures? Firstly, instruction takes only a quarter of an hour; while snuba excursions require divers to have some experience to have attained special certifications. This allows people as young as eight years of age to experience the magic that can be found under the ocean. On top of this there is not the added clumsiness and awkwardness of lugging heavy tanks on your back just a light harness that fixes you to the raft. Divers also have greater flexibility than those that snorkel, as they are able to go to greater depths for longer periods of time.

All diving should be watched over by a professional who is responsible for ensuring you are completely comfortable and familiar with the equipment you will be using. Most practices will start you off in shallow waters gradually going deeper until you have fully mastered using the breathing apparatus.

Here are a few of Maui's Snuba specialists:

  • Aqua Adventure Located in the Maalaea Harbor. Contact them on 808 573 2104.
  • Pride of Maui Also locates in the friendly Maalaea Harbor. Please call 877 867 7433 for more information.
  • Prince Kuhio This group can be located in the old town of Wailuku. Please telephone 808 242 8777 for reservations.
  • Maui Classic Charters This stunning Maui snuba diving group can be located in Kihei. Bookings and information can be obtained by calling 808 879 8188.