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Maui's Sunset Lookouts

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Maui's sunsets can be described in one word...spectacular, and no two are ever the same. The different cloud layers are soaked in autumn shades of reds, oranges and yellows, and in cool tones of lavender and purple turning the sky into a mosaic of living colour. As the light starts to fade the majestic palm trees are silhouetted against the ocean which desperately tries to hold the sun's last moments. Truly these sunsets are a sight to behold, and when they are accompanied by the sound of the sea lapping against the shore and the presence of that special someone...words cannot describe. If you are looking for a nice place to sit down and take in the sunset, cocktail in hand (of course) then we recommend two places. The first is in Lahaina and is called Kimo's. Patrons can sit on its oceanfront patio or in the upstairs dinning room, and because it is always buzzing with activity it provides the perfect atmosphere to take in one of the most relaxing sites the island has to offer. Next on out list is the Hula Grill which has a unique "barefoot bar" located outside how's that for relaxed! Looking out to sea you can see the island of Lanai that looks like a giant whale silhouetted against the horizon.

If you want to go a step further then there are a number of charter companies that offer sunset dinner cruises:

Sunset Cocktail Cruise take in the West Maui Mountains from this roomy 65 foot catamaran that hosts live shows. It also has an open bar specializing in cocktails bring on a Mai Tai!

Pacific Whale Foundation Sunset Cocktail Cruise is set on the beautiful catamaran Manute'a, which leaves from Lahaina Harbor fully stocked with a choice of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and a assortment of Hawaiian cuisine.

The Scotch Mist is a 50 ft. yacht that conducts a very pleasant Maui sunset. Accommodating smaller groups, it provides a more intimate experience that is adorned with champagne and chocolate.

For the more the energetic among you we have one final gem up our sleeve. We say energetic as it involves ascending the dormant Haleakala, located in The Haleakala National Park. Be sure to stop at the Leleiwi Overlook on your way up the Visitor Center.