Hawaii Guide


Tours of Maui, Ocean and Land Trips

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Maui tours can usually take two forms a land tour or an ocean tour. Both offer two very distinctive views of the island and offer visitors the chance to experience all the sites and adventures this little island has to offer.

Driving Tours

When it comes to taking a driving tour of the island, you should be aware that the island has been divided into different geographical regions. Unfortunately though, the names of these regions are not geographically correct. For example the " North Shore " is not where one would expect i.e. the northern tip of the island, but is instead located near Hana. Such as the case with " South Maui " which in effect is the leeward shoreline of the island.

To get rid of some of this confusion, you will be glad to hear that the island is riddled with "mile markers" that aid you in re establishing your bearings. In the odd event you have to stop and ask for directions you might do well in noting down that locals either say a place is mauka (towards the mountains) or makai (towards the ocean.)

Maui has a whole host of car rental companies who are eager to offer their services.

Ocean Tours

The tranquil and beautiful waters of Maui have seen ocean tours becoming one of the most popular things to do on the island. The unique shape of the island's coastline favours boating conditions and the proximity of Lanai and Molokai means that there is a lot of exploring to be done. The majority of touring companies can be found in Lahaina and or Maalaea.

Very generally speaking, boating excursions fall under four main categories:

  • Snorkel trips
  • Whale Watching adventures
  • Dinner cruises
  • And straight forward sailing trips.

There are obviously the one or two hybrids out there that offer combinations of the four. However when it comes down to the crunch, an Maui tour is like pizza no matter how bad it is its still good. Whether it be you are looking to go whale watching, to visit the Molokini Crater Maui has a number of companies that offer a whole range of tours.

With the sunshine, ocean breeze and marine life it is a challenge not to enjoy ones self. So put on those shades and sunscreen and hold on tight because you will be in for a whale of a time! pun intended!