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The Tedeschi Vineyards

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The Tedeschi Vineyards are located on the southeast side of Maui, about sixty minutes from the Wailea and Kaanapali resorts. A journey to this winery will take you up into the slopes of Maui's dormant Haleakala which offers travelers sweeping views of the West Maui Mountains and the lush tropical landscapes. A trip to the Tedeschi Vineyards is usually best incorporated as a side trip perhaps as a stop on your way to the volcano's summit.The winery and vineyard can be found on a 20000 acre ranch called "Ulupalakua," which when translated reads "breadfruit ripened on the back." There is a story to this; it is believed that eons ago a distinguished Hawaiian chief would send messengers to Hana to satisfy his hunger for breadfruit However, because of the length of the return journey, the breadfruit would have ripened before the messenger could get back. Enjoy that little bit of history? then you also might be interested in knowing that this ranch is also home to true Hawaiian cowboys called paniolos, who to this day still do all the herding on horseback.

Originally the Tedeschi Vineyards grew only the Carnelian grape which limited their wine making capabilities. But losses saw the decision being made to include other varieties, including: two brands of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, Syrah and Syrah Noir. This saw a boost in the quality and selection of wines offered by the winery. The vineyard has a specialty wine called Framboise de Maui. This is a wine that utilizes fresh raspberries, cane sugar and grape spirits as the sole ingredients. With a an alcohol content of 20% this unique wine can even be poured on cold deserts or why not even try a drizzle of it in your coffee.

So why not pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon among the rolling pastures, seascapes all the while taking in the history of this rural area of Maui. Then make your way down to the Kalakaua Cottage Tasting Room of wine tasting and sample some fruit of the vine. Opening times are 9am to 5pm with educational tour of the grounds at 10.30am and 13.30pm.