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Wailuku, Hawaii

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Hawaii's Wailuku is located in the central region of the island at the foot of the West Maui Mountains, and was once the main hub of activity. Home to barons and leaders alike, Wailuku was once the rich man's playground, the inevitable jewel in the island's crown.

One part of the town was particularity lively "Happy Valley," which quite rightly got its name from the string of brothels that inhabited the area. However, decades later, this centre of power has now been shadowed by Kahului. Still maintaining an air of aristocratic charm there are still a number of attractions that manage to pull visitors in. Antique hunters will be captivated by Wailuku's Market Street which is full of little shops that hold a multitude of treasures. Be sure to look out for " Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques" which specialize in old style Hawaiian pottery, china and furniture, and "Brown Kobayashi" which deals specifically with Asian antiquities. A walk down Market Street will also take you past a number of interesting galleries, pawn shops and the famous Iao Theatre. Downtown a lot of development is underway, the aim of which is ease the town into the 21 st century.

Moving out of Wailuku towards the West Maui Mountains you will come across the Bailey House Museum, which was once the home of the missionary Edward Bailey back in the eighteen hundreds. Today it is filled with remnants of Hawaii's past, including items such as Bibles, quilts and even surfboards. Traveling onwards will take you into the Iao Valley and face to face with the impressive Iao Needle.

The last thing, but no means the least, that Hawaii's Wailuku has to offer are the ruins of Halekii and Pihana Hesiaus. These were once temples that were used in ceremonies that incorporated human sacrifice. Situated on a hill top, the view from these temples are quite impressive, and one cannot help but stop and think how many ancient priests had once taken in this very same view.