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Kauai's Waterfalls Top Picks

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Visitors to the island can see Kauai's waterfalls by hiking, kayaking, on horse back or from the air on one of the helicopter tours. Manawaiopuna waterfall, which appeared in the film 'Jurassic Park', can only be seen from the air as it is on privately owned land. There are many waterfalls on this Hawaiian Island and most of them are inaccessible but here are listed a few that can be visited.

North Coast

Hanakapiai Falls involves a strenuous three hour hike two miles inland from Hanakapiai Beach near the beginning of the Kalalau Trail. This waterfall is an impressive 120 feet high and the pool under the falls is suitable for swimming.

Hanakoa Falls is accessible from the Kalalau Trail. You need a permit to get to this part of the trail and Hanakoa falls is an easy half mile walk off the trail. It is well worth a visit if you are hiking this way.

East Coast

Hoopii Falls There are two waterfalls along Kapaa Stream in the northern part of Kapaa and either of them can be referred to as Hoopi Falls. The first is only a short hike down a track off Kapahi Road. To continue to the second one, follow the trail as it runs parallel to the stream until it comes out at the top of the second waterfall. This is a beautiful area for a walk but watch out for mosquitoes!

Kipu Falls There is a small waterfall hidden away just off Kipu Road. It falls into a deep pool where people swim. On the other side of the pool is a tree with a rope attached to it. People use the rope to swing out over the water.

Opaekaa There is a stunning view over Opaekaa Falls from the Opaekaa Falls Lookout on Kuamoo Road (Highway 580). The Makaleha Mountains behind the waterfall and the masses of green foliage provide a picturesque setting. There is a trail to the top of the waterfall but take care as it is a long drop if you fall.

Secret Falls If you are kayaking up Wailua River, take the north fork to see the Secret Falls. Wailua River is very scenic and the waterfall itself is well worth it. Fern Grotto is nearby and can be visited on the same trip.

Wailua Falls Heading south from Wailua on Highway 56 just before reaching Lihue, there is a turnoff to the right down Maalo Road (Highway 583) which will take you to the Wailua Falls. This is one of the most dramatic of Kauai's waterfalls and is over 170 feet high and can be viewed from the road.

West Coast

Waipoo waterfall is an 800 foot waterfall falling across two tiers into a natural pool. The pool is a great place for swim after a three hour hike through the jungle to get there. The trail starts from Kokee Road (Highway 550) just past the Puu Hina Hina Outlook.