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Kauai Weather Forecast and Climate

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Kauai's weather conditions vary between extremes of brilliant sunshine with gentle breezes, and tropical downpours. Lying on the edge of a tropical zone, Hawaii has a dry season and a wet season but it can rain on any day of the year. The dry season corresponds roughly to summer and the rainy season runs from November to March. The temperature is usually fairly consistent on Kauai all year round. On the beach the temperature usually reaches a high of 85ºF (29ºC) in the summer and 78ºF (26ºC) in the winter with nighttime temperatures dipping by around 10ºF. However climate on the island varies according to where on the island you are as well. The leeward side of the island, ie the side away from the wind on the west and south sides of the island, is usually hot and dry while the windward side, ie the side of the island bearing the full brunt of the wind, is cooler and damper.

Although it can get wet on Kauai, the rain is unlikely to ruin your holiday and if you are unlucky enough to get caught in the rain for more than a passing shower, you can always move to another part of the island to escape it. Mostly, however, when it does rain it is rarely more than a passing shower and it usually rains at night. The coast is much drier than the interior and the Kauai's weather tends to change very quickly and a quick downpour is usually followed by glorious sunshine again so long periods of rain are unlikely. To assess whether the area you are in is due a damp spell, look windward for dark clouds; the darker the clouds, the more intense the downpour. Inland you often hear the rain approaching before you feel it. If you hear the sound of a rushing river in full stream, take cover under a nearby mango tree which tend to grow to quite a size and have large leaves, making them ideal for shelter and/or shade.

The higher you go the cooler it becomes so if the heat on the coast is proving too much, head into Kauai's interior. Kauai's weather conditions change significantly in the mountainous areas. Mount Wai'ale 'ale in the centre of the island attracts an amazing amount of rain creating the most fantastical and unusual plant growth. Having lost their moisture over Mount Wai'ale'ale the clouds drift over the west side of the island without producing rain, leaving it rather dry and barren in stark contrast to the swamps and lushness of the mountain. Any rain it is likely to get comes from the Kona winds, ie winds from the southwest.