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Whale Watching on Maui

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Maui's whale watching opportunities are legendary, and surpass those offered by the other Hawaiian Islands. The reason for this is because the waters around Maui are relatively shallow providing the perfect birthing grounds. Unfortunately due to "over eager advertising" visitors come to the island with somewhat unrealistic expectations. To begin with the law states that vessels are not allowed closer than 100 yards so don't expect to have one of these behemoths launching out of the water just meters from the vessel's stern. The shear size of these creatures means the show is still an impressive one, even from this safe set distance.

December to March is classified as whale watching season and it is during this time that the heavily laden humpback females move back down from the waters around Alaska. During their time here the whales do not eat, and come away with 2/3 of their original body weight.

The company that is the resident expert in this phenomenon is the "Pacific Whale Foundation" and they conduct some of the best ocean tours. Their tours surpass most of the others on the island due to their unprecedented knowledge about the species each vessel comes with certified Marine Naturalists. Be sure to have a listen on the hydrophone to hear the majestic call of these beautiful giants. The company also has a remarkable 99% sighting success rate, which is partly due to the fact that each vessel receives up to the minute activity updates from the company HQ. Contact the Pacific Whale Foundation on telephone number 808 879 8811 and you will find them at:
300 Maalaea Road

Other whale watching companies in Maui that are worth considering are: Make Kai, Blue Water and the Maui Princess.

If you are looking to do a spot of whale watching from the shores of Maui then we suggest making a trip down to McGregor Point and standing on the light station housed there. Other good spots include the summit of Puu Olai and the areas around markers 7 and 8.