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Windsurfing on Maui

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This incorporates aspects of surfing and sailing. Simply put, a surfboard fitted to a flexible sail that allows users to cruise through the ocean at harrowing speeds and is said to by many to be a great adrenaline rush.

What makes windsurfing Maui so spectacular, apart from the crystal waters and white beaches, is the consistent tradewinds that flow round the island. Kahului is by far the best place to go as the tradewinds are pick up speed due to the mountains in the area which create a natural venturi effect.An unwritten rule does exist amongst Maui's windsurfing community though surfers and beginner windsurfers get full use of the ocean before 11am, after this the winds pick up. Hookipa is the most difficult spot, and locals vigilantly guard it from beginners, and point them in the direction of Kanaha Beach.

The experience itself is worth the price of the lessons, with a single lesson (on average) lasting about two and a half hours. Instructors usually coach three or so people at a time. New stable, light weight boards make learning easier than ever. This is not an easy water sport and few people pick it up just like that, so do not be discouraged. Below are two companies that provide windsurfing coaching: Alan Cadiz's HST Windsurfing and Kitesurfing School (1 808 YOU JIBE) and Action Sports (808 283 7913).

Do not have any gear? Have no fear Maui has some of the greatest windsurfing shops ever heard of! Who are always stocked with the newest and coolest gear, whether for purchase or rental. A few shops you could look at include: Hi Tech Surf Sports, Hawaiian Island Windsurfing, Second Wind Maui, Neil Pryde Maui Ltd and The Maui Windsurf Company all of which are based in Kahului.

A spin off windsurfing which is quickly becoming a major Maui water sport is Kiteboarding, which involves a board similar to a wake board and an inflatable four line kite. The kite fills with air and pulls the board along! Contact HST or Action Sports for more information or the Kiteboarding School of Maui on 808 873 0015. Be prepared for lessons to be more than double the cost of Maui windsurfing lessons. All lessons are private, for safety reasons, so be for lessons to be more than double the cost of Maui windsurfing lessons.