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NOTE from the Friday the 10th of August 2007 Manumission Ibiza reopened as Amnesia.

See their website http://www.amnesia

Amnesia is situated in a renovated eighteenth century windmill on what is now the San Antonio Road, just across the highway from Privilege. It was only in the early 1970s that the building became a meeting place for hippies, artists and travelers, who would congregate there to listen to live music, dance and exhibit their artwork. The club was established in 1976 by Antonio Escohotado, who named the place Amnesia because it reflected clubbers' desires to go out, go crazy and forget all their worries for an evening.

The open air club was relatively modest in size and ambition until the early 1990s, when dance music really began to take off. Amnesia, along with many other nightclubs, had to have a roof installed to control the noise emanating from the place each night. At the same time, the club expanded tremendously, hiring more dancers, bouncers and bar staff to handle the ever increasing number of clubbers who came flocking every evening. Amnesia has had a huge influence on the UK club scene, and particularly acid house, as it was here that UK DJs Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling discovered the Balearic Beat created by Argentinean resident DJ Alfredo in the mid 1980s. Nowadays, DJ Brasilio, formerly of Privilege across the road, is Amnesia's musical director.

Amnesia has two areas: the main room's huge and simple dance floor, in which hard house is played to a throbbing crowd (generally awash in dry ice or foam), and the terrace, a plant filled, glass roofed affair with a more chilled out beat. The terrace hosts the weekly La Troya Asesina night (Wednesdays), which attracts a mainly gay crowd and is hedonism in the extreme. Crowning the lot is a groovy VIP balcony with Asian décor.

Despite its name, many elements of the club combine to make Amnesia Ibiza's most unforgettable night out. For instance, the club employs an extraordinarily advanced sound system, known as Xpanded Amnesia Technology, which emits beats at such a frequency as to make them drum through clubbers' bodies in what is referred to as a sound massage.