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Ibiza, Sunset Accommodation

The most important thing to remember when looking for a bargain holiday in Ibiza is that 'bargain' does not necessarily mean 'cheap'. A bargain holiday is one that offers fantastic value for the price you pay, whether that price is high or low. A cheap, bad hotel, for example, is less of a bargain than a more pricey villa with surprisingly great facilities and amenities.


There are, of course, a number of cheaper hotels and hostels on Ibiza that offer excellent value for money. Whether you prefer to stay in the centre of one of the island's towns or in some remote location away from it all, it is definitely possible to come across a real bargain in the most unexpected places. Make the most of any all inclusive deals and extra offers, and think about self catering. It's worth looking around in desirable places with excellent amenities as well as in the tourist hotspots.


When it comes to flights, the best prices are to be found very far in advance (that is, before most people have started planning their summer holidays) or a few days before you plan to travel, when airlines and hotels are desperate to get as many people as possible through their doors. Don't necessarily opt for the cheapest option without investigating you may find that a slightly more expensive flight leaves from a more convenient airport or arrives at a more convenient time.

Ferries from mainland Spain tend to be considerably cheaper than flights, but it's vital that you ask yourself whether the extra travel time is balanced by the financial saving. Spending very little on travel only to find that you've spent two days of your precious fortnight travelling is not necessarily a bargainous option.

Going Out

Local restaurants and bars on Ibiza really are a bargain. You get fantastic, authentic food and drink in truly traditional surroundings, and usually for an extremely reasonable price. The more 'local' you are in your choice of restaurants and bars, the less you will pay.

If you have any reason whatsoever to be on a club's guest list, do try to get yourself in for free. If you are rich, famous, or work in the media or if you just have the gift of the gab email or call the club in advance (contact details can be found on the clubs' websites) and put forward your case for free entry.