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Cala Llonga, just north of Ibiza Town (Eivissa), is what a UK beach resort would look like if the UK had decent weather. Cala Llonga started out as a quiet, local little place; with the arrival of (mainly Spanish) tourists in the 1960s, Cala Llonga began to develop into what it is today: there is a rather un Spanish collection of huge hotels and apartment blocks, tourist shops and British pubs. However this is still Spain and if you look deeper, you will discover it is still very Spanish.


That said, Cala Llonga has one of Ibiza's most accessible and family friendly beaches. Its bay is long and wide, with a gently sloping beach and a gradual descent into the water, and the sea is clean and tends not to attract jellyfish or other marine pests. The beach is, of course, filled with rows of deckchairs for hire during the high season, but because of its considerable width this doesn't look as regimented as it does on many of Ibiza's beaches. Cala Llonga's bay is flanked on either side by high cliffs, now unfortunately becoming more and more crowded with whitewashed hotels and apartment buildings, but spectacular nonetheless. The bay is not surprisingly popular with small yachts, which moor a little way out to sea.

Cala Llonga has all the amenities expected of a self sufficient resort, such as restaurants, bars, internet cafés, supermarkets, plenty of parking spaces and beach bars serving a range of Spanish and international food. There is even an occasional funfair during the summer months. The hotels are reasonably priced and there is even a campsite.

More so than many other beaches in Ibiza, Cala Llonga has excellent facilities for a range of activities. Ibiza's only golf course (Golf de Ibiza) is just a little way down the road (in the direction of the village of Jesus), and boasts a fairly challenging 18 hole course that stays open until 7pm. The price for a round of golf includes lunch, so for golf fans the course is well worth a visit. Cala Llonga has good facilities for horse riding as well, and offers hour long lessons, treks to beaches, day long treks into the surrounding countryside, and even night treks. Furthermore, it is possible to rent some watersports equipment at the beach.

Cala Llonga has long been a popular location for Spanish holiday homes and 'buy to let' properties. The apartments on offer are nothing spectacular mainly small, identical boxes but the proximity of the beach is very tempting to those looking for a second home in Spain, and there are certainly no shortage of tourists eager to rent a sunny flat in a village that serves a traditional English breakfast and a decent pint.