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Hiring a car for your visit to Ibiza is a fantastic idea, not least because such a low percentage of the island's tourists actually do so. Since many people visit Ibiza to party and then crash out on the nearest beach, hiring a car gives you the freedom to escape the tourist scene and discover the island's true beauty. Some of the best restaurants and certainly the best beaches are hidden away down remote roads and windy lanes (Cala Conta, for instance), and hiring a car definitely encourages you to be adventurous in exploring Ibiza. You can be flexible about where you eat, swim and go out, you can stay somewhere remote without feeling isolated, and there's no need to master public transport or stand in the blazing sun waiting for buses.

The major international car rental companies are represented at the island's airport, along with a number of local hire companies. The booths are located in the baggage hall, and since it is not rare for lengthy queues to form, it is worth sending someone to stand in line at the car rental booth while you grab the suitcases. Booking in advance can also lessen your waiting time (although you will still have to queue), and it will ensure that you have a vehicle waiting for you upon arrival. The airport's rental car park is large and user friendly.

Some car rental companies offer discounts if you book early you can often get a cheap rate of up to 30% less than you would booking your car when you arrive. Advance bookings can be made on line or by telephone before you leave home and all of the major international and local companies automatically include insurance in their contracts. Do check this with your company of choice, however, before signing anything, as it is vital that you have insurance when driving on holiday.

Tourists from the UK may feel particularly disorientated in a Spanish rental car, since driving on the right will be unfamiliar. Driving down the middle of the road suddenly seems very tempting, and it is easy to forget to check the rear view mirror in its unusual position, but it is essential that you become accustomed to Spanish driving before attempting to drive at night or on unknown (and often unlit) roads. Towns and villages are well indicated by road signs in Catalan.

To hire a car in Ibiza, drivers must be aged between 21 and 75 and have held a driving licence for at least four years. The minimum age for hiring a motorbike is 18. Prices vary according to the size of the vehicle, but most rental companies charge around 40 euros per day for a small car; hiring a motorbike is much cheaper at around half that price.