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It is often assumed that the best bargain accommodation is to be found in hotels and hostels, but that need not necessarily be the case. Ibiza is a particularly good place to consider renting an apartment; the island caters so well for second home owners, summer residents and holidaymakers that it has an extremely wide range of apartments for rent and for sale.

Depending on where you choose to stay, the price of renting an apartment may be somewhat higher than the cost of staying at a hotel, but the advantages of renting self catering accommodation frequently outweigh any extra cost. You will have your own kitchen and bathroom, for instance, and quite possibly a private balcony or terrace.

When renting an apartment in Ibiza, it is definitely worth asking a lot of questions in advance. Apartments can be considerably cheaper to rent than villas, but it is important not to get carried away by a great price before finding out some essential details:

Is there a balcony or terrace? If so, what is the view like? Since most apartments form part of a block, it is quite likely that half of them look over a beach and the other half look over another block of flats to the rear. If possible, find out whether the balcony or terrace gets the sun during the day, as this may affect whether you go to the beach every day.

Is everything included in the price? Will you have to bring towels and linen and do your own cleaning?

Will you have to arrive and depart on a specific day of the week? Changeover day generally occurs at the weekend in rented accommodation, so that the owners have the opportunity to come in at the weekend to clean. This will have an effect on the number of flights you can choose from, and may increase the cost of travel, since flights are often cheaper during the week.

An ever increasing number of young people descend upon Ibiza every summer to take up some sort of summer job, whether serving drinks, dancing or working as a holiday rep. If this is what you intend to do, plan to arrive before the high season (early May) in order to snap up the best cheap apartments and flats. Many residents rent out their properties during the summer and will advertise in local English language newspapers and at the British pubs and bars across the island.