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Ibiza has over the past few years become one of the prime summer destinations for the UK's budget airlines. With so many people trying to get onto the island during the high season, these so called 'no frills' airlines provide an excellent service, shuttling people over to Ibiza speedily and cheaply. Although everybody is now familiar with the budget airline companies, there are some tips you can follow when booking your ticket that could reduce the price yet further.

Be flexible with your time of travel. Unless you have children at school, think about visiting Ibiza early in the season (May and June) or late in the season (September). From a clubbing point of view this could even be ideal, as you might catch the notoriously hedonistic opening and closing parties hosted by all the large clubs.

Be flexible with the day of the week. Flights from Saturday to Saturday can sometimes be more expensive, because Saturday is the changeover day for so many hotels and self catering resorts. If you can find accommodation from, say, Wednesday to Wednesday, you may well find that your flights are cheaper.

Be flexible with the time of your flight. It may sound unappealing, but if you fly out very early in the morning and home very late at night, flights can be considerably cheaper than those at more convenient times of day. Beware, however, that the car hire booths at Ibiza airport are not open twenty four hours, so if you plan to hire a car on the island, aim to arrive within business hours.

Where practical, look at flights departing from the UK's smaller airports, as these are favoured by the low cost airlines. In London, for instance, check out Stansted and Luton rather than Heathrow and Gatwick.

Book your tickets online. Many of the budget airlines, which rely on the internet for their booking process, charge an extra £5 or so if you book by telephone. Unless you are trying to book something very complicated or need advice, do everything over the internet.

Try to book either very far in advance or at the very last minute. If you book before other people have started planning their holidays, you are guaranteed to find some fantastic offers and to have the choice of low cost flights and accommodation. Booking at the very last minute can be even cheaper, as airlines try to fill their seats, but it comes with the risk that there will be no empty seats, or that you won't find flights to Ibiza at all.