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Cheap Package Holidays to Ibiza Spanish Holiday Islands

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Package holidays to Ibiza where flights, transfer to the hotel and accommodation are all included in one relatively cheap price are still popular nowadays, despite the growth in popularity of the no frills airline companies, which offer very cheap flights to Ibiza on a regular basis throughout the high season. Many package holidays even include children's daytime activities in the price, which is particularly good if you choose a hotel or resort with excellent watersports and beach activities.

Package holidays are easy to come by; most travel agencies will have a large range of options for you to choose from, depending on your airport and resort of choice. Bear in mind that package holiday options are limited to the hotels and resorts that have come to an agreement with tour operators. Because the prices are often so surprisingly low, it is unlikely that you'll find any of Ibiza's best or most exclusive resorts on the list of possibilities; the hotels and resorts that take part in such schemes tend to be at the lower to medium end of the range. That said, tour operators and especially the best known ones can be scrupulous in their selection of affiliates, and it is rare indeed to end up somewhere without any redeeming qualities.

The cost of a package holiday to Ibiza differs at different times of the year. At the outer extremities of the summer season May, June and September prices will be lower than in July and August. Tour operators, airlines and hotels really don't need to make an effort to get people to come to Ibiza in the height of summer, and will not slash their prices during this high season unless absolutely necessary. That said, package holidays tend still to offer excellent value for money throughout the summer season.

As with any bargain deal, it is vital that you investigate all aspects of your proposed package holiday thoroughly before laying down the money. Make sure that the airline you will be travelling with flies from an airport that is convenient for you, and that you know whether it flies direct to Ibiza or stops off in mainland Spain or Mallorca. Check out the hotel you plan to stay in, ensuring that it has all the facilities you deem essential for your holiday perhaps a pool, or proximity to a good, sandy beach. If you are travelling with children, you should check that the activities on offer at the resort are child friendly and safe. Above all, make sure you are aware of any extra costs that you will be expected to pay once at the resort, such as for watersports, day trips or transport.