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Cheap Villas in Ibiza tips on finding discount properties

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Finding a good quality cheap villa for rent in Ibiza is certainly considerably easier than finding a good quality cheap villa for sale in Ibiza. The island is dotted with beautiful villas, some isolated in untouristy spots and others closer to the main centres of activity, and staying in one of them really sets your holiday apart.

Certainly the best way to find a cheap villa for rent is through friends and acquaintances who are property owners on the island. A great many of the villas in Ibiza's urbanizaciones (developments made up of privately owned villas and houses) are owned by summer residents from all over Europe, with Germany being particularly well represented. Upkeep of these villas can be extraordinarily expensive especially for those with private pools and gardens and it is not rare to find that their owners are keen to rent their properties out to people they can trust to water plants, clean the pool, feed dogs, and so on. It is worth asking around to see if you can profit from such an arrangement.

If this seems like a bit of a long shot, the next best thing is to keep an eye open for any good deals in the travel pages of the weekend papers. Aside from the numerous agencies specialising in villas and private homes on the island, you may come across adverts placed by property owners. The internet is an excellent resource, and using a good search engine may well provide you with an affordable property.

Since Ibiza can be rather expensive, you might have better luck finding a range of different cheap villas if you plan to visit the island out of season, or certainly not during the very busy part of the high season. The summer season in Ibiza extends from May to the end of September, and you will find that most accommodation is cheaper in May, June and September than it is during July and August, when the island can get pretty much packed out.

If you are unable to travel out of season but are certain that you want to rent a villa, there are a number of things you can do to have a bargain holiday whilst staying in a moderate priced property. Plan a budget in advance of your trip, working out how much you can afford to spend on accommodation, eating out, going out, car hire, and so on. Self catering, for example in a villa, will help you stick to your budget by enabling you to stay in from time to time, to swim in your own private pool rather than driving to a beach, and to cook for yourself.