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Holidays in Ibiza how to get that cheap package deal

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During the summer months, the small Mediterranean island of Ibiza seems mainly to be populated by holidaymakers and summer residents. It is not surprising that the island is such a popular destination; as one of Spain's Balearic Islands, Ibiza has a prime location within easy reach of mainland Europe. Its small but efficient international airport and two considerable port towns (Ibiza Town and San Antonio) also provide excellent access for visitors from other continents and those on Mediterranean cruises.

The most exciting thing about planning a holiday in Ibiza is that there are so many different kinds of holiday to be had on the island. Whether you are young, old, sporty, laid back, up for it or out to get away from it all, you will find something suitable on Ibiza.

Although the island has a reputation for being rather expensive mainly due to the astronomical entry fees charged by the large nightclubs a little investigation will show you that it can be quite easy to get a real bargain holiday in Ibiza. Generally this means booking online either months in advance or shortly before you plan to go away. The key to uncovering cheap package holiday deals is to wait patiently for the right offer to come along, and then to act very quickly once it does. The no frills holiday boom is now so well advanced that you will probably find that there is a great deal of competition for the last minute bargain deals.

The majority of holidaymakers on Ibiza are there for the nightlife. Club 18 30 is still a popular option, although many young party goers now choose the flexibility of cheap hotels and hostels in the island's towns. Those out purely for a mad time will find it far more convenient to stay nearer the towns and large resorts, which are closer to the most popular clubs and bars, as this will minimise your transport costs. Of Ibiza's three large towns, Ibiza Town (Eivissa) is the most sophisticated, San Antonio is the most outrageous, and Santa Eularia is the most peaceful.

Because Ibiza is so handy to reach from mainland Europe, it can be an ideal location for a weekend or short break. An increasing number of people are choosing to host their stag weekends and hen weekends on the island, since a bit of forward planning means you can enjoy cheap accommodation and plenty of thrills in a relatively inexpensive few days.