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The Mediterranean island of Ibiza (Eivissa to the locals) is situated half way between the coast of mainland Spain and the larger island of Mallorca, approximately 100 kilometres from each. Ibiza and its smaller neighbour, Formentera, are referred to as the Pitiuses, and the Pitiuses, together with Mallorca and Menorca, form a group of islands collectively known as the Balearics.

Ibiza belongs to Spain, although one would not think so from the proliferation of mainly British and German tourists who descend upon the island during the summer months. Indeed, the Ibicencos tend to think of Ibiza as a country in its own right; the Spanish mainland is even jokingly referred to as "the peninsula". The main language of Ibiza is Catalan, a form of Spanish that differs slightly from the better known Castilian. Road signs and menus use both forms of Spanish, but there is a definite preference for the local Catalan hence 'Eivissa' rather than ' Ibiza ', or 'bon dia' rather than 'buenas dias'.

The island's administrative capital is Ibiza Town, now a modern development surrounding Dalt Vila (Ibiza Old Town), the former capital. The other two large towns are San Antonio (Sant Antoni) and Santa Eularia des Riu, but none of these towns is of any great size in comparison to the cities of mainland Spain. The majority of visitors to Ibiza tend to congregate around these three towns, due in part to their ever increasing number of hotels and guesthouses, but thanks more so to the wealth of nightclubs and bars that line their streets. Ibiza may be small measuring approximately 35 kilometres in length at its longest point, and just 20 kilometres in width but its roads are dark and winding, and any visitor without a hire car will struggle to get further than the neon glow of San Antonio.

For such a small island, however, Ibiza is massive. The popular image of the island, propagated by the media, is of a drug fuelled, hedonistic hell hole teeming with British teenagers staggering home along the San Antonio Road. It would seem that holiday makers sleep all day and party all night; and that, for all the cultural awareness they have of their location, they may as well be in Skegness instead of San Antonio.

Thankfully, this popular conception of Ibiza is somewhat of a misconception. Ibiza is packed full of spectacular surprises, all of which reveal themselves as soon as one leaves behind the larger towns and heads for the woods and beaches. Indeed, the island has around sixty beaches, an abundance of hills, forests, cliffs, small villages, traditional restaurants, exclusive eateries, stunning architecture, breathtaking sunsets.the list goes on...