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The vast majority of apartments in Ibiza are located within the three main towns: Ibiza Town (Eivissa), San Antonio and Santa Eularia. The rest of the island is considerably less developed than these three towns, and the accommodation is almost exclusively made up of villas and small hotels and hostels.

In comparison to the atmospheric authenticity of renting a villa or traditional finca (farmhouse) on Ibiza, the idea of renting a flat in the town centre can seem somewhat unglamorous. This by no means has to be the case. There are, for area Dalt Vila (Ibiza Old Town) where winding streets and cobbled lanes lead gradually up to the summit, whose castle and cathedral offer gorgeous views over Ibiza Town's harbour and the surrounding countryside. There is vehicle access to most parts of Dalt Vila, but essentially it is a quiet and very traditional neighbourhood (despite the tourists), with a great number of Spanish families living round the courtyards of the medieval town.

Apart from Dalt Vila, there flats and apartments in abundance in Ibiza's developing New Town, amidst the chaos of San Antonio, and on the beachfront in Santa Eularia. Some of the larger resorts including Cala Llonga are home to flats and apartments owned by foreigners (mainly British in the case of Cala Llonga), so the choice of location is by no means limited to the inner towns.

Finding an apartment to rent on Ibiza can be surprisingly easy, as there are so many of them. Use the internet to find out what sort of properties are available through agencies that specialise in providing apartments for rent, and be aware of the ads running in the weekend newspapers and displayed in newsagents' windows.

If you are planning on spending any length of time in Ibiza, you may prefer to book your apartment in advance in order to avoid the disappointment of living in an uninspiring property for the summer. However, if you are willing to take a risk, it is often entirely possible to arrive on the island with no long term accommodation plans and to find something through adverts placed in English language publications and at British pubs and bars. San Antonio has a particularly good ex pat network.

If you are looking to buy a property in Ibiza and want to spend some time living on the island and getting a feel for the place, renting an apartment can be a relatively economic way of doing so. Prices tend to be considerably lower than those of villas and larger properties, so you will be able to spend less on accommodation and more on seeing the island and experiencing everything it has to offer.