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On Ibiza, clubs are paramount. The island is certainly the best known clubbing destination in Europe, if not the world. Clubbers flock to Ibiza from as far away as the United States and Australia, and it is easy to see why. Ibiza's clubs range from the perennially popular (Eden, Es Paradis) to the absolutely enormous (Amnesia, Privilege), via the eternally trendy (Pacha, El Divino) and the completely crazy (Space). And those are just the big names; Ibiza is also home to hundreds of smaller clubs, dotted all over the island.

Ibiza's club DJs are seen as gods by the crowds who visit the island for week long parties. As you drive around Ibiza, massive billboards announce the DJ line up for each night as though it were the list of acts at Glastonbury or Wembley Stadium: Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez and Sonique are just a few of the regulars, while the nights hosted by the larger clubs include the world famous Ministry of Sound, Manumission (at Privilege), Cream and La Troya Asesina (at Amnesia).

Ibiza's club season begins in the middle of June and ends at the end of September. The opening and closing parties at the big clubs are legendary for their hedonistic festival atmosphere. There is no chance of ignoring the clubs and their nightly events: if you fail to see the roadside billboards and are not approached by a club rep on the beach, you surely won't miss the small banner carrying planes that circle the island a couple of times each day during high season. In the evenings, Ibiza Town and San Antonio are often animated by club parades, when hordes of freakshow style promoters fill the streets advertising one of the massive nights.

Technically, there is nothing to prevent you from partying all night and then carrying on at Space (the day club that kicks off at 8am) or one of the beach bars, such as Bora Bora on Platja/ Playa d'en Bossa or Sa Trinxa on Ses Salines. The only barrier to 24 hour clubbing on Ibiza, apart from the need for food and sleep, is the expense. It can cost up to 50 euros to get into major clubs like Privilege and Pacha, though you can buy a slightly cheaper ticket in advance at the more popular bars in town. Water costs at least 7 euros per bottle, while normal alcoholic drinks will set you back between 10 and 15 euros.