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During high season (May to September), reaching Ibiza from the rest of Europe can be very cheap and easy. Direct flights from the rest of the world are far more difficult to come by, but there are some excellent deals to be found on line.

Flights from the UK and Ireland

It goes without saying that Ibiza is a major holiday destination for tourists from the UK and Ireland. The island is virtually overrun by Brits especially between May and September, and this is reflected in the number of direct flights available. The summer months see a profusion of charter flights and low cost airline flights going direct to Ibiza. Nowadays most of the large international airports in the UK and Ireland are served by these flight companies, although many of the no frills budget airlines fly from slightly more obscure, out of town airports (such as London Stansted). Out of season, direct flights are rare, and there is usually a change in Barcelona or Mallorca. During these months, it is often more practical to fly with a Spanish airline, whose services to Ibiza will be most frequent. There are direct flights to Mallorca all year round, and from here it is just a short internal flight to Ibiza.

Flights from the rest of Europe

Ibiza is extremely popular with many Europeans, in particular the Germans, French and Italians. During high season, finding a direct flight to Ibiza should be no problem, although it is worth considering a flight with a change in Mallorca or on the Spanish mainland, since there may be greater availability on these flights. Internal flights from the east coast of Spain to Ibiza last approximately half an hour to three quarters of an hour.

Flights from the US and Canada

Flying to Ibiza from America generally involves a change in Madrid or Barcelona. It is often best to fly with a Spanish airline due to the greater frequency of flights, although even these will not fly direct to Ibiza. Flying from Canada is a little more tricky, and may well involve a change in the United States followed by another in Spain. Look around on line for the best deals and quickest flights.

Flights from Australia and New Zealand

There are no direct flights to Ibiza from Australia and New Zealand ; in fact, flights can be very indirect indeed. They tend to involve a change in Asia. The best deals are often found by flying via Asia with an Asian airline, and switching to a Spanish airline in Europe.