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Buying a property in Ibiza does not necessarily mean uprooting to go and live there permanently; many property owners buy to let, only visiting their property out of season in order to maximise the amount of money that can be made through letting during the high season. There is a great market in letting properties; a surprising number of people visit the island in order to get away from it all, and can't imagine anything worse than staying in one of the sprawling beachside hotels with hundreds of other tourists.

You can find lists of properties online, via the numerous property agents specialising in Spanish homes. Another good place to check is in the travel sections of the weekend newspapers, where you might find a good deal on a private sale or come across a directory of property agents.

There are, of course, a number of legal concerns and procedures to be borne in mind as you prepare to buy a property in Ibiza. Unless your Spanish is very good indeed, it is probably best to hire a translator who can explain the legal situation to you. At the local Registro de la Propriedad (property register) you will need to ask to see what is known as a not a simple registral, which proves that the property's previous owner is registered as such and actually has the right to sell the property, and also shows what if any outstanding charges and taxes there are attached to the property.

If you are planning to develop the land you buy, or to build an extension to an existing property, you will need to consult the local Departamento de Obras (building officials) to find out what the relevant regulations are for the area in which you intend to build.

Any property purchase will incur fees and costs, including notary's fees if you go through an agency, or a land transfer tax in the case of a private sale. You will also need to pay for the property to be entered onto the property register.

This summary of regulations is very basic, and it is best to check with the Registro de Propriedad (via your translator) that you have a full list of procedures and details before entering into any kind of contract.