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Ibiza Coastal Town

Ibiza Town is one of Ibiza's great surprises. Unlike San Antonio, which is the island's unrelenting party capital, Ibiza Town (Eivissa) is fun, smart and cultural in equal measures, and is home to some of the island's greatest clubs including Pacha and El Divino as well as all the best shops and the stunning historic capital, Dalt Vila Ibiza Old Town

The main life of Ibiza Town is concentrated around the Sa Penya and La Marina districts, which are at the foot of Dalt Vila and look out into the harbour. This is where you will find hundreds of boutiques, restaurants, bars and tourist shops. From the smart Passeig Maritim of La Marina district, quaint streets and alleyways lead into the more outrageous Carrer de la Verge of the Sa Penya district. During the day these areas are full of locals and visiting families doing their shopping and sight seeing; at night the bars come alive for the pre clubbing crowd, which is a far less rowdy set than that of San Antonio. Even at four in the morning, Ibiza Town is a good natured and vibrant place to be, even if the strip joints and more shocking shops of Sa Penya take some getting used to.

It is from the harbour in Ibiza Town that the main ferries embark for Formentera, Ibiza's smaller and quieter neighbour. From midnight until half past three in the morning, there is a regular boat service from the Ibiza Town end of the harbour to El Divino on the other side, which certainly beats walking round the long way and means you arrive in unforgettable style. At night, views across the harbour at Ibiza Town are especially impressive.

The New Town district of Ibiza Town is relatively uninspiring, and mainly filled with residential streets, hotels, banks and practical, run of the mill shops. The Vara de Rey boulevard is attractive and boasts some fine eateries and shops, but this particular district is not really worth exploring when there is so much of spectacular beauty notably Dalt Vila to see.